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Vi    Microsystems    Pvt.    Ltd.,    known    for    its    association    with    the    academic community   for   past   26Yrs.   We   are   involved   in   the   impartingtruetechnical education   among   the   student   communityby   way   of   associating   in   Projects, Seminars,   Workshops   and   as   advisor   for   various   syllabusframing   boards. This    association    had    a    inducement    in    the    promoters    mind    to    have    an institution of world class and made them to start a Trust and a College.
The company offers more than 3,000 products in the following fields: 1. i) Power Electronics Trainer       ii) Industrial power Electronics Trainers      iii) Switched Mode Power Supply Trainers 2. Electrical Machines Laboratory Equipments 3. Measurement Lab Trainers 4. Power System Lab Trainer 5. Control Laboratory Trainer 6. AC/DC Drive Trainer 7. FPGA Based Solutions for Modern Drives and Power Electronics Applications 8. Image Processing Systems 9. Fiber Optical Trainer 10. Analog & Digital Communication Trainers 11. Radio Frequency Training Systems 12. Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC) Trainer 13. i) 8/16/32 Bit Microprocessor Trainer Kit       ii) 8/16/ Bit Micro controller Trainer Kits      iii) More then 50 Experiments Boards for the Microprocessor/ Micro controller Trainer Kits 14. Digital Signal Processing Trainer Kits. 15. i) Personal Computer Trainer Systems     ii) LAN Trainers     iii) USB Host, USB Device, USB-Link, Ethernet Trainers & CAN Development Kits. 16. VLSI - FPGA Trainers 17. Embedded Controller, Development Tools & PIC Universal Development Kits. 18. Real Time Systems. (Embedded PC, CAN, USB, Wireless Sensors Networking, RTOS & ARM) 19. USB, PCI & PXI Based Data Acquisition Modules 20. Instrumentation Tutor Boards 21. Computer Based process Control Trainer. 22. Computer Based Data Acquisition Application Trainers. 23. Medical Electronics Lab Trainers. 24. Test & Measurement Equipment. 25. Basic Lab Trainers & Equipments. 26. Thermal Lab. 27. i) Mechatronics.       ii) Robotics Lab. 28. Programmable Logic Controller Trainers. 29. Defence Projects 30. Cloud projects   And More…….
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
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